Green Building


Asdal Builders has won national acclaim as an innovator in the fast-growing green building industry.

Bill Asdal first became involved in the energy efficiency side when he led a research team to achieve 40% energy reduction on an existing home in Nevada in 2002 while spending less than $2,000 in upgrades. However, he and others questioned whether such results could be accomplished in the cold and wet northeast.

His most impressive accomplishment is the Raritan Inn, a national demonstration site for advances in housing technology. From a delapitated initial condition, he did a gut rehab with the support of the NAHB Research Center and the National Renewable Energy Labs staff. This building was the nation's first zero-energy remodel, combining solar hot water, photoelectric, geothermal loops and incredible efficiency to create what is essentially a domestic power plant. To read press about the project, please click through the links below:


He recently completed another national demonstration project in Pittsburgh, PA, where he renovated a home for the ACI Home Performance conference in April 2008.

The home was air-sealed using energy-efficient techniques and energy-efficient appliances, including a new furnace, were installed. The home at 406 Reetz Ave won an Energy Star performance label for excellence. See Bill's blog about the project here.